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Petition Supporters of the Regnart Creek Trail

Who are the supporters of the Regnart Trail?  Though many walking and biking advocates outside the City limits of Cupertino support this trail (and other local trails), the vast majority --approximately 90%-- of the petition signers are from the city of Cupertino....

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Cycling News Articles Week of 09/03/18

The LeBron James Interview About Bicycles (08.29.18) Wall Street Journal 13 Great Road Bikes Under $1,500 (08.15.18) Bicycling You'd Never Guess it was an E-Bike (08.17.18) Gear Junkie Changes Coming for Downtown Bikeways (08.18.18) San Jose Mercury News Best...

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electric bike news

This Japanese tilting electric cargo tricycle is as cute as it is functional (09.06.18) Electrek Uber Shifting to eBikes and Scooters (08.28.18) SJ Mercury News You'd Never Guess it was an E-Bike (08.17.18) Gear Junkie Su-Ron is a Monster Electic Bike (08.09.18)...

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Since Walk-Bike Cupertino’s inception, the city has committed nearly $9.0M in bike/ped safety projects.

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We post our collection of local maps and distribution data for pedestrians and bicyclists.

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We collected safety tips and videos for children and adults to stay safe while walking and biking in streets.

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We work with many entities and organizations to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety in our community.

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