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With the Regnart Creek Trail vote coming up soon on August 21st, there’s been a lot of talk about this proposed biking and walking trail in Cupertino. Here are the facts, so you can have accurate information and be fully informed!

Fact:  The local city streets aren’t as safe as a trail

  • Both Rodrigues and Blaney, streets that are used in place of the trail, have 30 mph speed limits. According to US Department of Transportation, at 30 mph there is a 40% chance of death or serious injury to a pedestrian or cyclist hit by a car.
  • Other streets, such as La Mar or Pacifica, are at a 25 mph speed limit and have enough speeding cars that local residents asked for speed monitoring signs. These have been installed in the past two years.
  • Nearly all accidents for pedestrians occur while in the street. With this trail, both pedestrians and cyclists would cross the street fewer times (for the same route) and avoid walking or biking in parking lots, too.

Fact:  No trees are planned to be cut down and the creek will be not be harmed

The feasibility plan does not include cutting down any trees, including the portion of the trail that extends along the south side of the library field.  The creek will be unaffected by building a trail, as it is currently paved as a run-off ditch. Only the above-creek portion will be landscaped.

Fact: The trail is long enough to be useful and will be used

  • It would be a safer and more direct route to schools, without car traffic. Walking and biking students, including 250 Eaton students, 250 Cupertino High students and 100 Lawson students could use the trail for commuting. Traffic will be improved with more students traveling to school not in a car.
  • It will provide a more direct route to the Civic Center and Library, and connect three parks (Creekside, Wilson, and library fields). By walking or biking, residents could avoid the congested parking lot at the Civic Center. 
  • With the Creekside Trail, it will be over a mile of an enjoyable off-road recreational path for running, walking and cycling for all everyone, including those with mobility issues.  It is a key component of the East-West connector between Monta Vista and Cupertino High, and the “Loop” connecting Cupertino using trails and low-volume streets.

Fact: It is wide enough for cyclists and walkers to pass

The trail will be 10 feet wide, with a 2 foot shoulder. This will allow pedestrians and cyclists to easily pass each other.

Fact: There will be a fence between the path and the creek

The feasibility plan for the trail includes a fence that will run along the edge of the creek.  Users of the trail, including children, will not be able to fall accidentally into the creek. The San Jose Water District supports the trail and is working with the City Staff to meet maintenance and access needs.

Fact: The trail will be safe

  • At Public meeting #3, Captain Rich Urena, the West Valley Division Head for the Santa Clara County Sheriff Department, stated that “it does it appear that  [The Regnart Trail] is a safe place to walk, a safe place to have a trail.”  Similar trails in Cupertino and studies across California and the US show no increased crime, with some areas showing decreased crime.
  • Bike patrols are planned by the SCC Sheriff, and residents have been polled regarding preferred safety equipment, including lights, cameras, etc.

Fact: The City has listened to and cares about the concerns of local residents

Three public meetings have been held to solicit both oral and written feedback from residents, including one held while walking the trail.  At all times during the planning process residents have discussed their concerns in one-on-one discussions with City Staff at Bicycle-Pedestrian Commission Meetings, in focused-issue meetings, and in independent conversations. Trail Concepts and the Feasibility Study include this feedback.

The Regnart Creek Trail is endorsed by:  Safe Routes to School  ·  Lawson PTA  ·   Eaton PTO  ·   Hyde PTSA  ·   Sedgwick PTA  ·  Cupertino Teen Commission  ·   Tino Bike Club (CHS)  ·   Walk-Bike Cupertino

Show your support today of the trail by signing the petition! http://bit.ly/Regnart-Trail-Petition

The vote to continue to engineering drawings and onto construction for the Regnart Creek Trail is on the agenda for the August 21st City Council meeting.  If you wish to express your support, please sign our WBC petition (http://bit.ly/Regnart-Trail-Petition), send an email to City Council (citycouncil@cupertino.org), and/or contact a Walk-Bike Cupertino Advisory Board member to discuss speaking at this City Council meeting.  Information in this post is solely by the author as a resident of Cupertino and does not represent any organization other than Walk-Bike Cupertino.

Home » Walk-Bike School News » Get the facts on the Regnart Creek Trail here!