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Our Mission

Walk-Bike Cupertino identifies and supports safe and easy bicycling and walking routes for our community. We Communicate to Cupertino City Leaders specific upgrades to the city’s pedestrian and bicycle amenities and plans. We promote safer and easier ways for citizens to move within and through our neighborhoods.

Get Involved

Join Us

Joining Walk-Bike Cupertino is a great way to get involved in our biking and walking community. Here is how:

  • Safe Routes to School:  Meet with FUHSD and CUSD parents to determine safe bike & pedestrian routes to your local school.
  • Education:  Learn the best ways for you and your children to stay safe while biking or walking. Add your training safety tips and videos to our website to educate cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.
  • Projects: Help identify bike/pedestrian projects that you’d like the city to build.
  • Advice: Let your voice be heard at the Cupertino Bike Commission meetings. Attend City Council meetings when your projects are under budget consideration.
  • Fun Events: Participate with us at Earth Day, Bike to Work Day, and other city celebrations to promote Walk-Bike Membership.

2015-2016 Goals:

  • Encourage the City Council and Staff to prioritize and fund physical improvements in the city to improve ease and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Support new thinking on long-standing bike-ped issues.  Encourage ongoing review of best practices from other communities that model innovative solutions
  • Help mitigate congestion near CUSD (Cupertino Union School District) and FUHSD (Fremont Union High School District) school sites;
  • Support healthful lifestyles by encouraging walking and biking
  • Reduce automobile traffic by making it safer, easier and more enjoyable for citizens to travel to schools, shopping and other community amenities by bike or on foot.


Walk-Bike Cupertino was founded in 2014 by Larry Dean and a small group of volunteers with the simple idea of making Cupertino a better place to walk and bike. Larry is a long-time Cupertino resident and an active community leader (Past President and Board member of the Rotary Club of Cuperitno,  Board member of Trustees and Past Chair of Cupertino Educational Endowment Foundation, and Past Board member and Chair of Northwest YMCA).


Since the beginning of 2014, Larry has been researching, developing and acting on how to make walking and biking safer in our community. After many meetings with the city leadership from elected, to the City Manager, to the Public Works Department, he organized a bicycle/pedestrian advocacy group in Cupertino. In June 2014,  67 members joined the group. Many more members joined the effort since a 15-year-old Mountain Visa High School student was killed in an accident on McClelland Road in October 2014. Today the group has an Advisory Board of 10 members and its membership risen to over 600 community individuals all working in support of its mission.

Walk-Bike Cupertino Goals: Encourage elected City Officials and Staff to highly prioritize and fund physical improvements in the city to improve ease and safety for pedestrians and cyclists;

  • Increase the amount of pedestrian and bicycle use in the city;
  • Help mitigate congestion near CUSD and FUHSD school sites;
  • Improve the health of its citizens and families;
  • Make it easier, safer and more pleasant to travel within neighborhoods
  • Reduce the number of automobile trips by its citizen to/from schools, shopping and community amenities.

Walk Bike Cupertino History and Data Points:

  • Brought together in June 2014 with 67 members;
  • The city had not funded any material amounts during the prior 4 years;
  • Advocated and radically improved Bike/Ped City budgeting history:
    • $0 from 2011- 2014
    • $250K for the 2014-15
    • $430K additional in February 15.
    • $800K budget for fiscal 2015-16 and
    • $2M budget for fiscal 2016-17.
  • Strongly supported and contributed to Cupertino’s first formal strategic Bike/Ped Plan
  • Promoted/facilitated a 2016-17  bike/ped safety training program for CUSD Middle and elementary students;
  • Published a dozen informational newsletters to members since July 2014;
  • Promoted
    • The new signage and “sharrows” on McLelland Road from MVHS to Foothill;
    • The green bike lanes on Stevens Creek Boulevard from DeAnza to Foothill;
    • The project with DeAnza College to open up bike entrance on McClelland Road;
    • Collaboration with Cupertino Rotary to fund a bike repair station at DeAnza College;
  • Improved green bike lanes and intersection at Stelling/McClellan Road;
  • Supported numerous community bike events –  “Bike on Main”, CEEF Run for Students, Silicon Valley “Bike to work Day”
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