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Advisory Committee

Walk-Bike Cupertino’s executive leadership team is comprised of motivated local individuals who are parents, long-time community members and active walking/cycling community members.

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Dick Blaine

Bicycling made a big difference in Dick’s life and he would like to see others benefit as well and sees bicycling as a way to mitigate traffic issues which are troubling our city. He has a passion for bicycle safety and has authored many safety tips for our community. Dick and his wife have lived in Cupertino for 47 years; their kids attended the local elementary schools and Monta Vista High School. Since retiring Dick has become an avid bicyclist and bird watcher. His background is technical with emphasis on computers. He participates with local, state wide and national environmental, bicycling, ham radio and civic organizations. In recent years he has been volunteering to help several of these organizations with their data processing needs.

Guangjing Chen

Guangjing and her family live in Cupertino/Los Altos area for 7+ years, with both kids go to Stevens Creek elementary school. She believes children and neighborhood safety is the top priority and passionate about making our community a safer place to live. Guangjing also has 15+ years of experience working in the high tech industry. In her leisure time, Guangjing enjoys trail running on the beautiful Stevens Creek and Rancho San Antonio trails.

Larry Dean

A 35 year resident of Cupertino, Larry and his family have resided in the Monta Vista area with his daughters attending Stevens Creek, Kennedy and Monta Vista High.  With a long career in high tech and computer design/manufacturing businesses, Larry is an active community leader (Past President of the Rotary Club of Cupertino,  Past Chair of Cupertino Educational Endowment Foundation (CEEF), and Past Chair of Northwest Y). An avid cyclist who enjoys the area and long distance cycling, he sees an opportunity for the community to influence local leaders to make Cupertino a safer and easier place to bike and walk. Contact: info@walkbikecupertino.org

Jian He

A 10 year resident of Cupertino’s Monta Vista neighborhood, Jian and her family have been enjoying the beautiful nature around blackberry farm. Her sons are attending the Steven Creek Elementary School, and they walk to school almost everyday. Jian is actively involved in the school’s PTO (Parent Teacher Organization), SSC (School Site Council) and Project Cornerstone. She loves walking in the neighborhood and hiking in nature.

Scott Hughes

Scott and his family are 20 year residents of Cupertino with his two children attending Lincoln/Kennedy and Monta Vista High.  A data storage engineer by training and experience, Scott takes his analytical and results-oriented approach to making our community safer for its students, pedestrians and cyclists.

Revathy Narasimhan

Revathy and her family have been living in Cupertino for the past 5 years. Her kids attend the local elementary and middle schools. She believes that collective contributions from the community, small or big, can make a significant difference on pedestrian and bike safety at Cupertino. She is excited and is looking forward to working with the city and Walk-Bike Cupertino on implementing the 2017 Cupertino Bike Plan.

Anastasia Novozhilova

I moved back to the Bay Area after finishing college in Boston to work for Apple and have been there since 2011. Although I live in San Francisco, I see Cupertino as a second home because I spend so much of my time here. After navigating the city for years as a pedestrian, transit rider, and eventually getting my first bike as an adult, the needed infrastructure and design improvements became apparent. The current design is not just insufficient, it is dangerous. I decided to get involved in my community in San Francisco and Cupertino to fight for safer, people-focused streets to encourage more people to use active transportation and save the air, reduce traffic, and improve health.

Stuart Rosenberg

A 25+ year resident of the Cupertino/Saratoga area, Stuart and his family reside in the Greenbriar neighborhood. His son and daughter attended Blue Hills Elementary School, Miller Middle School and Lynbrook High School. Stuart had a 25 year career in high tech, followed by 13 years in the Cupertino School district. Stuart is involved in causes supporting children and education including Schmahl Science (SSW) and the Cupertino Educational Endowment Foundation (CEEF). Stuart enjoys cycling in the area and is interested in making our neighborhoods safer for all pedestrians and cyclists.

Byron Rovegno

Byron and his family have resided in Cupertino for over 34 years. His son and daughter attended Stevens Creek, Kennedy and Monta Vista High. Byron volunteered for various activities at Monta Vista and has served on to board of several charities in San Francisco. His career has been in financial management as CFO for a number of start-up companies in the valley and he has spent the last 16 years at SRI International, a non-profit research institute. Byron is a long distance cyclist as well as a frequent walker in San Antonio Park. He believes that having routes designed by the community that promote safe passage for cyclists and vehicles is the key to helping residents enjoy a healthy lifestyle and make Cupertino a more desirable place to live.

Jennifer Shearin

Jennifer Shearin is a Cupertino High school parent, as well as a Lawson parent. She is currently a Bicycle Pedestrian Commissioner for Cupertino, and was formerly an engineer for General Motors.  Jennifer is a Girl Scout leader, a Lawson PTA chair, a former member of the Eaton Student Site Council and was the Event Chair for the Cupertino Tournament of Bands the past two years. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys biking (mainly as an alternative to driving), reading, baking, and walks with her dog. Her view: the Walk-Bike Cupertino goals sound like an excellent way to improve Cupertino and make it more walk and bike friendly for everyone, including students. She is pleased to be joining others with the same goals.

Thomas Deng

Thomas Deng and his wife have lived in Cupertino for the last twelve years, and their three kids currently attend Lincoln Elementary and a local preschool.  Thomas has worked in high tech for over twenty years but also enjoys working with the local schools and community, serving on Lincoln’s School Site Council and as the Cupertino Rotary representative to the Interact Club at Monta Vista High School.  Thomas has fond memories of biking everywhere when he was growing up in the Bay Area and hopes to help create a safe environment where his kids can do the same…!

Taghi Sadaati

Taghi and his family are 31 year residents of Cupertino, with his daughters being graduates from Monta Vista High. As a licensed Civil and Structural Engineer, he worked for the private and public sector, retiring from the City of San Jose. While there, he managed the design and construction of numerous projects including capital improvement projects. Taghi is a long time member of Western Wheelers and avid cyclist, riding 4 to 5 days each week. An active community supporter, Taghi served as a Cupertino Planning Commissioner from 2002-2007, including one year as Commission Chair. A member of Cupertino Rotary, he also served on the board of the NW YMCA for 11 years.

Gerhard Eschelbeck

Gerhard is a Cupertino resident, volunteer, and community leader. He greatly enjoys the outdoors – hiking, biking, skiing – and believes in an integrated approach to transportation, which minimizes the impact on nature and environment. Gerhard has lived in different cities where pedestrians, bicycles, and cars share common infrastructure, and has experienced innovative ways how they can coexist safely. While his day job for over 20 years has been protecting users and data, he also cares deeply about safe transportation. He was an active contributor to the new Cupertino bike plan, and is excited about the ongoing implementation of this plan to make Cupertino a safer place to walk and bike.

Emma Shearin

Emma Shearin joins us this year as a Data Analyst. She is a third-year student at the University of California Berkeley studying Applied Mathematics and has first-hand experience with Cupertino streets, having biked to Eaton Elementary and walked daily to Cupertino High School. She is pleased to be joining Walk-Bike Cupertino this summer to work on accident statistics and provide new insights into pedestrian and cyclist safety.

Student Advisors

Cupertino High School junior Lawrence F. and sophomore Mahesh V. join us this year as our student advisors. Both are avid cyclists, and are active members of the Tino Bike Club. Student advisors serve as liaisons to the student community and as advocates for walking and biking issues that affect youth.

Meenakshi Biyani

Meenakshi Biyani and her family are long time Cupertino residents. She is involved in many local organizations as a community volunteer. She is a Safe Routes to School Committee member, Cherry Blossom Festival Volunteer Chair, and CHS Grad Night Chair. Meenakshi loves nature and enjoys lots of outdoor activities. She hikes with her friends and family on a regular basis and is interested in helping make Cupertino a safe and inviting place for walkers and bikers.

Seema Lindskog

Seema and her family have lived in Cupertino for more than 10 years. She works in marketing at a tech company. Her son attended Eaton Elementary, and is now at Lawson Middle School. Seema and her family love to be outdoors, whether it’s biking to breakfast on a weekend morning, or hiking one of the nearby trails with their dog. She is passionate about making biking in Cupertino safer for kids and providing families with more opportunities to safely walk and bike around the city because it makes the city more liveable, friendly, and vibrant.

Wil Fluewelling

Wil and his wife, Jessica have enjoyed living in Cupertino for over 10 years. His son, William attends Stevens Creek Elementary School. Ensuring a safe route to school via foot or bike is a top priority since he enjoyed this Independence as a boy. Unfortunately, some streets are not very welcoming as big rigs and rushed commuters race by.  Safe routes to schools also provide community members with healthy transportation alternatives to polluting vehicles. Let’s leave a legacy of a healthier, happier Cupertino for future generations to come!

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