Walk-Bike City News

Cupertino Bike/Pedestrian Projects Update

As a public service to the members of the Walk-Bike Cupertino Advocacy and the Cupertino Comunity, we are providing this report to show the number and scope of projects the City of Cupertino has in process.   From a conversation with David Stillman, Cupertino Traffic...

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Walk-Bike School News

SRTS 2018 School Year End Meeting

Dear Cupertino Safe Routes 2 School Colleagues and Friends, The Logistics: Our June Working Group meeting materials can be found at this SRTS Link.  In this presentation you’ll find an interesting report-out of data from Spring 2018, a look back at our school year...

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Safe Routes Working Group Notes

Cupertino Safe Routes 2 School, Thank you to those of you who attended our Working Group meeting Tuesday and to those tuning in now for updates! A special thanks to Sean Lyn and Lincoln Elementary school who provided a great presentation on programs and projects at...

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electric bike news

You'd Never Guess it was an E-Bike (08.17.18) Gear Junkie Su-Ron is a Monster Electic Bike (08.09.18) Electrek Trump's Tariffs.... (08.08.18) Electrek Probably the nicest Electric Folding Bike I’ve Ever Ridden (08.04.18) Electrek The E-bike That Knows When to Pedal...

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Kissing Bike Lanes Is the New Kissing Babies

Most people are pro-bike—it’s time to stop pretending otherwise Eben Weiss Jul 20, 2018  Outside Magazine On June 26th, 2018, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez amazed New York City and the United States when she defeated incumbent Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary to...

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Since Walk-Bike Cupertino’s inception, the city has committed nearly $9.0M in bike/ped safety projects.

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We post our collection of local maps and distribution data for pedestrians and bicyclists.

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We collected safety tips and videos for children and adults to stay safe while walking and biking in streets.

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We work with many entities and organizations to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety in our community.

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