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Jennifer Shearin wins SVBC 2020 Person of the Year Award

Jennifer Shearin wins SVBC 2020 Person of the Year Award

We are giddy with excitement to announce that our very own WBC board member Jennifer Shearin has received the Silicon Valley Bike Coalition 2020 Person of the Year Award for her work to further the Regnart Creek Trail project through outreach and many hours of work.

It’s also a well-deserved recognition for all our members who have advocated tirelessly for this trail over the past two years. Take a bow!

Read more about the award winners here.

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Trail Review – Zinfandel Trail

Trail Review – Zinfandel Trail

When the hot sun is beating down mercilessly, a cool mostly-shaded trail with some ups and downs for exercise, spectacular views, and a bubbling creek at the start and end is just what you need. The...

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Meet friends in the WBC Club on Strava

Walk-Bike Cupertino is excited to announce we are now on Strava! It’s a great way for our community to:

  • Share walks, hikes, runs, and rides with other members
  • Meet like-minded residents
  • Track your activities and set goals

We hope to see you there!

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