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What We Have Done

Since Walk-Bike Cupertino’s inception, the city has committed nearly $3.5m in bike/ped safety projects.  This is a distinct turnaround from the prior four years of very low resource allocation.


  • Bike/Ped City budget Update – At the June 9 2015 City Council Meeting, the Council approved nearly $800K to fund projects for FY16, ending in June 2016.  In June 2016, the City Council approved an additional $2.0M in funds for bike/ped projects in the city. See the list of funded projecst in the Projects Menu.
  • Bike/Ped City budget. Advocated and successfully promoted budget of $685K for the 2014-15 fiscal year. This is the largest budget allocated to Bike/Ped improvements in the prior five years.
  • Planning. Worked closely with Cupertino City staff to identify and prioritize Bike/Ped projects.
  • Newsletters. Walk-Bike Cupertino publishes a regular newsletter available to anyone.
  • Sharrows. Successfully advocated for sharrows (shared lane markings) on McClelland Road from Monta Vista High School to Foothill Blvd.
  • Green bike lanes. Promoted the need for green bike lanes on Stevens Creek Boulevard from DeAnza to Foothill.
  • Collaboration with local schools, colleges and organizations. Worked with DeAnza College to open up bike entrance on McClelland Road; Worked with Cupertino Rotary to fund a bike repair station at DeAnza College; Currently we are researching and developing a Bike/Ped safety training plan for CUSD (Cupertino Union School District) Middle and elementary students.
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