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City management and elected officials work with us to better understand the issues and to prioritize improvements that make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

City Council Contacts Information:

  • Cupertino City Council:
    • Mayor: Steven Scharf , sscharf@cupertino.org
    • Vice Mayor: Liang Chao, liangchao@cupertino.org
    • Council member: Rod Sinks , rsinks@cupertino.org
    • Council member:¬†Darcy Paul , dpaul@cupertino.org
    • Council member: Jon Willey, jwilley@cupertino.org
  • Cupertino City Department Contact:
    • City Manager: manager@cupertino.org
    • Planning: planning@cupertino.org
    • Engineering: engineering@cupertino.org
    • Traffic: traffic@cupertino.org
    • Safe Routes to School: saferoutes@cupertino.org
  • Cupertino Bike/Ped Commission:
    • Gerhard Eschelbeck: Chair, Second term ending 1/30/23, geschelbeck@cupertino.org
    • Erik Lindskog: Vice Chair, Valley Transportation Authority Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee representative, Second term ending 1/30/23, elindskog@cupertino.org
    • Muni Madhdhipatla: First term ending 1/30/23, mmadhdhipatla@cupertino.org
    • Jennifer Shearin: First term ending 1/30/21, jshearin@cupertino.org
    • Pete Heller: Second term ending 1/30/21, pheller@cupertino.org
Home » Partners » Cupertino City Council