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Key Facts About the Linda Vista Trail Project

Cost of Construction: $695K

Length of Project: 0.33 mi

Type of Project: Pedestrian Trail

Click here for information from the City of Cupertino’s website

Current Status (October 2020): The Linda Vista Trail project was initiated after Richard Lowenthal, resident and former Mayor of Cupertino, donated the land for the trail to the City. In July 2019, the City Council approved $695K in construction funds for an unpaved pedestrian trail.  (Note: the trail is not barred to cycling traffic.) The design is complete, with construction bids expected to be returned by November 2020. If bids are within the budget, City Staff will ask for approval from the City Council on November 17, 2020, and construction will commence within the month. If bids are higher, either Staff will ask for more budget, or the project will be trimmed (which would be difficult, as the current trail design is simple dirt trail).

Why does Walk-Bike Cupertino support this project?

Enhanced access to parks and neighborhoods

Neighborhoods surrounding Linda Vista Park can now can enjoy off-road parklike access to Stevens Creek Trail, Blackberry Farm and McClellan Ranch. This also extends the Stevens Creek Trail, a desirable improvement.

Improve Health & meet neighbors 

Trails get people outdoors, walking and socializing with their neighbors. This increases community health and connection for all residents. Families, seniors, and the entire community will enjoy walking and biking on this beautiful, leafy recreational trail.

Location of Project

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How Walk-Bike Cupertino has actively supported this project

Walk-Bike Cupertino has:

Coordinated vocal support at City Council meetings when this topic was to be discussed;

Kept supporters up to date on upcoming events and milestones for the project via email newsletters;

Sent emails of support to City Council and ecouraged others to do the same;

Met with City Staff, Bicycle Pedestrian Commission, and Cupertino City Councilmembers to discuss details of project and to encourage progress and adequate staffing.

Home » Projects and Funding » Linda Vista Trail Project