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  • (June 2016) Newly approved Cupertino Bike Transportation Plan can be found here.
    • Quoted from Cupertino’s Bicycling website
      • “In June 2016, the City Council adopted the 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan. The Bicycle Transportation Plan is a long-range planning document designed to encourage bicycling as a safe, practical and healthy alternative to the motor vehicle.  The Plan addresses present and future needs of the bicycling community, lays the groundwork for grant funding eligibility for bicycle projects, and is in close alignment with the goals set forth by the Cupertino Bicycle Pedestrian Commission to significantly increase the attractiveness and safety of bicycling throughout the City, with a particular focus on safe connectivity to schools. “
  • (Feb 24, 2016) Carmen Bridge Project (Student traffic patterns for Carmen and SCS)
    • WBC encourages building a cross bridge to connect two major neighborhoods separated by Stevens Creek Blvd, as found in the Bicycle Transportation Plan. The bridge will provide safe crossing from SCS/Inspo Hts to Stocklmeir, Blackberry Farms and McClellan Ranch; also allow easy access rom the Scenic neighborhood to Stevens Creek Elementary and Varian Park.
  • (Feb 2016) California guidelines for the Class IV protected bike lanes in 2016.
Home » Projects » FY16 Cupertino Bike/Ped Projects